November 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

I had and have a hard time blame about…something. I’ve forgotten about what I wanted to rant about. Rants are irritating, they don’t stay with you. Sometimes, though, they make such explicit and profound points and yet, they last for such a short amount of time.

I had something very profound (in my head) to say, but also I’m a little drunk (drunk=grand philosophic ideologies etc. etc).

I have a hard time because I’m 24, and therefore, not a teenager. Yet, I went through a little bit of a health and mental breakdown a few years ago that took 3 + years to re correct (or attempt to) but I’m still having emotional bullshit invading my brain. When I say “emotional bullshit” that’s still an evasion I’m told by many many therapists and their codependents. I’ve had very good experience, to be honest, with hospital settings in dealing with me. I’m not that hard to deal with, comparatively, right? But I think about it, and I compare and I imagine how all of my exes and anyone who has ever known me would think of me if they knew. But…hmmm we all die right?

That’s my saving point. (It doesn’t save me).


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