Post Script

April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Pretty accurate depiction of my baking style. HA. I yoke. If only.

Obviously my pact of sobriety didn’t last. What the fuck eh. And that means that I’m going to be on a week plus long bender really. To hardly anyone’s knowledge. I’m really excited for tomorrow, as I always am for themed events. Or just events where I have even the slightest possibility to bake or dress up for. I tried looking for a cheap (ish) fur today and a cigarette holder (PC?) and couldn’t find anything at any of the costume-y and vintage shops in Kingston…which, admittedly, are few, however, I still had high hopes! It’s also because summer’s approaching that there aren’t any furs in stock, but regardless, I’m cranky.

It’s bullshit that I had a FREE fur coat that was perfect in the U.K. It was left there by someone some sporadic term before. Cara wore it to be Posh Spice for our U.K. themed pub night. I ended up with it and was planning on shipping it back, but that went tits up…I lost so many other good things over there because of that last night. My last night story is a good one, better when I tell it….and even better written I’m sure, I’m almost positive it’s magnificently glorified in my head. So that is a story to be written at another time.

I’m a little drunk right now, as I’ve already alluded to. I’ve made ravioli and I’m debating what to make of that. I won’t go into any more detail. Anyway, eventually I’ll be in bed. Watching the first couple episodes of Mad Men season 5, which I’m sort of into..wasn’t sure if I would be after being slightly disappointed with S4. Will update tomorrow. Perhaps after a sober rewatch?


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