April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today, the plan is to be a sober sally. Although, I suppose that’s my plan everyday, natch. However, I need to lose weight…I need to save my money and my liver for tomorrow. My two guy friends, one who is of Polish descent (and therefore visiting family)? are having a ‘Polish’ night before they head there this summer, which really involves them practicing their drinking of straight vodka. Obviously, I’ll be jumping on the challenge as well, as I always make the stupidest and unhealthiest choices when I’m drinking. Errpps. I really want to go shopping for an obscenely oversized fur to wear. And I need vodka and wine, obviously. And I’m going to bake something for my boys. I’ve practiced making these Fluffernutter cupcakes, which are peanut butter and marshmallow filled and AMAZING, and I will post about those once I get the pictures uploaded. So I might make those tomorrow again, or else…something else? Polish fudge? I haven’t made fudge before, so I might take a crack at that. I have to promise myself that I won’t buy any other food besides the baking ingredients so I don’t get the urge to eat and puke and ruin my makeup and my skin before heading over, as I am wont to do. 

So THERE. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Because today…sobriety is killing me. I keep wanting to go out, looking for above products (ingredients, furs HA) to just have something to do. But that involves me getting dressed, putting my face on….and just, being in public. Is it cold out? And I know if I’m out, I’ll buy alcohol and I’ll drink it and I’ll drink too much of it, will probably bake with everything I buy and none of it will be as good as if I do it all fresh tomorrow. PLUS, stupid fucking psych assignment that I have to work on that’s due at midnight tomorrow. Obviously..I should be doing that today. NOW. 


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